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Patient: Mr K Oliver
Dentist: Richard Hems

As an extremely nervous patient I felt the treatment I received was absolutely fantastic. Didn't feel any pain during the root canal treatment and was a complete success in dealing with the infected tooth.

Patient: Mrs B
Dentist: Angela Nketia
Date: 23/01/2018

Many thanks for the brilliant service here at CDRC!! I needed extensive gum surgery and that made me nervous, however, Dr Angela is really nice, she has small hand and she is so quick! Don’t be afraid! Dr Angela is the best!

Patient: Mrs H
Dentist: Angela Nketia
Date: 16/01/2018

Angela was fantastic. She was really kind with the treatment, and sensitive to my pain. I was worried initially, as the cost of the treatment seemed so high. However, after it, I am so happy, and relieved, my mouth feel like it hasn’t in years. So nice not to have daily gum bleeding and to feel more confident of my mouth/teeth health as I go forward. I really am happy! Thank you Angela. You’ve been amazing. Totally worth the money.

Patient: Mrs E
Dentist: Angela Nketia
Date: 6/12/17

I am quite a nervous patient but Angela is always very gentle and explains what she is going to do and puts me at my ease. She is very pleasant and friendly and professional.

Patient: Mrs J
Dentist: Angela Nketia, Hygienist- Fiona Baker
Date: 5/12/17

Strange thing to say about the dentist, but I never worry about attending and always feel happy with my treatment. Thank you.

Dentist: Angela Nketia
Patient: I. Fernandez
Date: 24/01/17

I’m very greatful with the service I received. The level of professionality is outstanding. I definitely recommend this clinic.

Dentist: Richard Hems
Patient: V.Bailey
Date: 18/01/17

Having been frightened as a child ny a bad experience with dental treatment, the thought of dental treatment for root canal filled me with apprehension. Mr Hems is very patient, kind and reassuring at every stage meaning that the end result has enabled me to have treatment with confidence. I wholeheartly recommend treatment at the centre.

Dentist: Rose Mulvey
Patient: S. Jones
Date: 09/01/17

I was referred to CDRC after my dentist failed to find the canal on my tooth. The canal had crystalised and was very difficult to find. From my first anxious visit to CDRC, Rose was very honest and reassuring that she would do her best to save my tooth. the treatment would usually last 2 sessions, but with patience, skill and perseverance, Rose managed to find the canal and treat my tooth over 4 sessions! throughout the treatment I hardly felt any pain at all. I am so grateful for Rose's skill, dedication and kindness and for the results of the treatment. Many, many thanks!

Dentist Richard Hems
Patient R. Rodley
Date: 28/11/16

This was my third root canal treatment and again brilliant treatment. You are always at ease. Highly recommend.

Dentist Nadir Khan & Dental Nurse Kelly Naylor
Patient M. Gentry
Date: 16/09/2016

I would like to express my thanks to everybody involved in my recent treatment. All your staff were welcoming and efficient, special thanks to Kelly for her kindness and reassurance. Everything went perfectly and my recovery was very fast.

Dentist Richard Hems
Patient A. Conway
Date: 15/09/2016

When I started my treatment, I had significant bone loss and a lot of pain. Dr Hems refilled the root and replaced my crown. A year later, the bone has grown back and I have no pain. I was terrified of losing more front teeth and Dr Hems was very patient with me. I couldn’t be happier with the results. By far, the best experience I have had at a dentist!

Dentist Richard Hems
Patient Mrs D. Smith
Date: 20/06/2016

The most pleasant, professional and pain free root canal work- Fantastic I couldn’t have asked for anything more from such a wonderful team. Thank you.

Dentist Richard Hems
Patient Mrs M. G.
Date: 02/06/2016

Delighted with the treatment. I had a root canal treatment and felt no pain during the whole procedure. Mr Hems explained everything before it started.

Dentist Hugo Grancho Pinto
Patient A. Reader
Date: 06/05/2016

My overall experience of CDRC to date has been excellent. From the outset, my treatment has been undertaken in a very professional and friendly way. Hugo always clearly explains the proposed procedures and treatment plans and has a very reassuring and pleasant manner.

Dentist Richard hems
Patient Celia Barrell
Date: 22/02/2016

A big ‘thank you’ to Mr hems and the dental nurses for the care I have received during my last six visits.
I needed three root canal treatments and was not looking forward to it, as I have had failed treatments in the past. However, Mr Hems and his team of skilled professionals made the experience pain free and comfortable throughout
22/02/16. I would not hesitate to recommend CDRC and if I need further treatment in the future will have no hesitation in returning.

Dentist Rose Mulvey
Patient: R Brisland
Date: 15/02/16

Absolutely pain free – brilliant

Patient: B Jonsen
Dentist: Rose Mulvey

I was referred to the Colchester Dental Referral Centre for root canal treatment; my dentist could not find the root canal. Having had unpleasant experience in the past, I was to say the least, an anxious and very nervous patient. At the centre I was received with courtesy and much needed coffee!

Rose Mulvey and her team worked hard to put me at my ease and explained clearly what the treatment would entail. They reassured me completely that the treatment would be painless, which it proved to be. I was treated with great kindness and even had a comforting hand to squeeze during the injections (Kelly was endlessly reassuring and uncomplaining!).

At every stage Rose checked that I was “all right” and when she finally found and treated the root canal, dried my tears of relief.

Although root canal treatment is nobody’s idea of enjoyment, I cannot commend the treatment at the Colchester Dental Referral Centre highly enough. I thank them for their professional, caring work which they carry out to a very high standard.

Dentist Rose Mulvey
Patient: Ian Burne
Date: 14/12/15

Excellent treatment, thank you

Dentist Rose Mulvey
Patient: Jacqueline Liebscher
Date: 7/12/15

Friendly relieved my pain the same day, pleased with results.

Patient: P M Willavoys
Dentist: Rose Mulvey
Date: 2/11/15

Very pleased with the treatment received. No pain or discomfort. Thank you.

Patient: R Simpson
Dentist: Richard Hems
Date: 28/10/15

A painless and professional procedure within a very informative and pleasant surroundings. Almost a pleasure.

Patient: A Howland
Dentist: Rose Mulvey
Date: 13/10/15

Rose was fantastic, caring, relaxing, she did a great job many thanks.

Patient: S M Johnson
Dentist: Richard Hems
Date: 10/08/15

Absolutely excellent practice. The care and compassion show to myself by all the dental staff was superb. Combined with the breathtaking skill of Mr Hems is staggering.

I would recommend this practice 100 percent. A big thank you to all there.

Patient: J Cabrera
Dentist: Angela Nketia
Date: 18/07/15

I have been absolutely delighted – I have been seen on time, given very effective treatment by Angela and treated in a warm and friendly manner by everyone – the dentist, the nurse, the receptionist. I am very happy to recommend this Dental Surgery to everyone.

Patient: Richard Arnold
Dentist: Richard Hems
Date: 14/07/15

Richard Hems - together with his dental assistant George were simply outstanding. So Skilled. So Professional. Thank you.

Patient: Jacqueline Surman
Dentist: Richard Hems
Date: 05/06/15

Very professional, kept fully informed throughout treatment. Best dental service I've experienced.

Patient: Susan Miklaucich
Dentist: Richard Hems
Date: 20/05/15

I am always extremely happy with the treatment and care I receive. I always feel relaxed and confident with Mr. Hems and would recommend him to friends and family without hesitation.

Patient: Mrs MK
Dentist: Veni Cochrane
Date: 24/02/15
Veni is great she did well with my daughter in the kids clinic, as usual a great service.

Patient: Mrs J Bacon
Dentist: Rose Mulvey
Date: 24/02/15

Excellent treatment. Very clear explanations throughout treatment. I was very worried about the treatment but Rose was excellent. No pain was experienced. I have no worries if I need further treatment later.

Patient: Anna Beeson
Dentist: Richard Hems
Date: 19/02/2015

Excellent treatment throughout. I would recommend the practice to anyone who requires complex dentistry.

Patient: Mr A Stanmore
Dentist: Dr TC Patel and Dr N Khan
Date: 16/10/2014

"My treatment at the Colchester Dental Referral practice has been exemplary. The staff are welcoming and always friendly. The treatment options are explained fully and most important of all the dentists I saw are highly competent."

Patient: Mrs D J
Dentist: Dr TC Patel
Date: 14/10/2014

"Mr Patel has worked miracles giving me a set of dentures which do not fall out when eating and allowing me to eat almost any food. I am very pleased with the result which has restored my confidence and improved my life enormously."

Patient: Mr G Webb
Dentist: Dr R Hems
Date: 10/12/14

"Very professional, Always feel you are in good hands all of the time."

Patient: Mrs M Parrott
Dentist: Dr R Hems
Date: 30/09/2014

"As a nervous patient I have been completely reassured by the kindness shown and by the skill and professionalism I have experienced during my root canal treatment….and I didn’t feel any pain!"

Patient: Mrs A Gooding
Dentist: Dr TC Patel
Date: 22/09/14

"I would like to say what an excellent dentist Mr Patel is. It is a joy to come to the dentist, I wouldn’t be able to smile if it wasn’t for him, Thank –you"

Patient: Mrs Bishop
Dentist: Dr R Hems
Date: 18/09/14

"Dr Hems was recommended to me by a work colleague, I had almost no history of dental problems, and was rather afraid of a root canal. Dr Hems took time to explain procedures and answered all my questions. I am very grateful to him and all his staff for exceptionally professional and courteous service"

Patient: Brenda Bailey
Date: 18/09/14

"To The Practice Manager CDRC
I am writing today to express my thanks for all your kind help and care. I was diagnosed with grade 2 periodontal disease at the beginning of this year I was told it was urgent but then let down by the NHS when my referral for treatment was rejected. I sought further advice from a private dentist and was advised to contact Colchester Dental Referral Centre. On contacting them I was given all the help and advice I was seeking. I have been attending this centre for the past four months now and am so pleased with the treatment I have received under their care it is excellent, given by fully qualified practitioners in this field. I feel at ease attending for treatment as you are treated as an individual and looked at as a person and not just a number. You are seen on time and not rushed, any questions you ask are fully answered and all procedures explained. The cost of the treatment is also explained to you before treatment begins. I can only say thank you to all the staff at the centre for the kindness care and understanding shown to me at what was a very distressing time. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking dental treatment."

Patient: Martin Pigram
Dentist: Dr R Hems

"I am very nervous when it comes to dentistry; I had a very bad experience when I was very young. My parents never told me to see a dentist until I was in pain. I had two extractions when I was about 6 or 7; I just remember blood pouring from the wound and the pain as I opened my mouth to let the build-up of blood out.
The school had a visit from the local dental clinic; they then sent me to the clinic for fillings which were carried out without pain suppressing (no injections). I think the dentist was German!
However when I met Richard for my initial consultation, he told me I would feel no pain and he seemed very knowledgeable.
When it came to the actual treatment day (Root Canal) Richard just filled me with confidence and there was absolutely no pain at all!
The cost of the treatment was a lot of money but I realise that the equipment that you have at CDRC doesn’t come cheap.
I wouldn’t hesitate in returning if I had similar problems in the future"

Referral from: Dr. Codrin Tocca, DDS, Sweden
Practice: Lighthouse Dental Practice
Dentist: Drs. Nadir Khan and T.C. Patel

"My treatment has been second to none. Thank you all for your care and patience especially Angela and Fiona"
"I have been referring patients to Colchester Dental Referral Centre since 2010. Convinced by the professionalism of all specialists and staff at the centre, this collaboration will continue.
Apart from delivering first class treatments to my patients, Drs. Nadir Khan and T. C. Patel have been very forthcoming in allowing me to assist to the treatment of my patients and have also provided me with much appreciated hands-on mentorship in clinical cases.
Nadir and T.C., Thank You!"

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