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Oral Surgery Fee Guide

At the Colchester Dental Referral Centre, we perform a wide range of minor oral surgery procedures in our dedicated implant and surgical suites. Throughout your consultation and treatment, you will benefit from the expertise of our oral surgeon, Nadir Khan, who has more than 18 years experience of working in hospital-based oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Our surgical procedures include:

Wisdom teeth removal
Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt, usually appearing in adulthood. Sometimes, there is not enough space in the dental arch to accommodate them and they are then described as ‘impacted‘. Impacted teeth that are not causing any problems can usually be left alone, but your dentist may have referred you us so we can examine your wisdom teeth thoroughly and make sure they are not damaging your adjacent teeth.

If we do need to remove one of more of your wisdom teeth, this will be done under local anaesthetic and intravenous sedation. Sedation takes away much of the anxiety that you might feel about the procedure. During surgery, you will be relaxed and afterwards, you will remember very little about it.


After root canal treatment, the teeth which have been root filled can sometimes become tender and cause the gums to swell up. This is usually because there is still some infection present in the root, or it has become re-infected. If this has happened to you, your dentist may have referred you to us for an apicectomy. This involves removing the infected root tip, thoroughly cleaning the root canal and then sealing the end of the root with a cement sealant. It is a simple procedure that we can carry out under local anaesthetic, with or without sedation as you prefer.

Broken teeth, retained roots and other conditions

If you need surgery to remove broken teeth or retained roots, your dentist may decide that this should be done by an oral surgeon. You may also have been referred to us by your orthodontist or dentist because you require pre-prosthetic surgery, surgical treatment for canine exposures, a frenectomy or an oral biopsy. We carry out all these procedures under local anaesthetic, with intravenous sedation available on request.

Soft tissue lesions

Our diagnosis and management of oral soft tissue lesions includes a full hospital histological assessment.

Referring your patients to CDRC
We provide cost-effective private treatment for all your patients’ minor oral surgery needs. They will benefit from prompt and personal service in our state-of-the-art premises where we use modern techniques and advanced technology to provide the latest treatments. Quality of care and patient safety is very important to us. We use disposable items wherever possible and sterilise all our remaining instruments using the latest equipment.

We are happy to discuss individual cases, so please feel free to contact us about the management of your patients before referring them.

Please refer to our Fee Guide for details of our latest prices for oral surgical procedures.


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