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Welcome to Colchester Dental Referral Centre

We are a team of experienced and highly qualified dental practitioners who offer a range of dental services to patients in East Anglia.

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'Very professional, Always feel you are in good hands all of the time.' 

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Successful root canal treatment in Essex

    This patient was referred in pain with a poor root filling in the past. ...
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Dental referrals

CDRC is primarily a referral clinic for general dental and medical practices serving patients in Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridge and London. We also accept referrals from further afield. Your dentist or GP will refer you to us for dedicated dental treatment or minor oral surgery. Afterwards, you will return to your usual practice for ongoing care. It is possible to refer yourself to us.

The highest standards of patient care

Each member of our team is dedicated to providing both high quality treatments and a friendly, personal service. On your first visit, you will be welcomed to the surgery for an initial consultation so we can assess you and decide on the best course of treatment. We will then explain what you can expect to happen during the treatment and afterwards.

Whilst you are being treated, we will always take care to make sure you are as comfortable as possible, with intravenous sedation available for nervous patients.

The latest in dental technology

We are continually investing in new dental technology so we can offer you the very latest treatments. With advanced surgical equipment such as endodontic operating microscopes and our I-CAT cone beam CT scanner, we can achieve excellent clinical results and the best outcome for our patients.

Dental Implant and Restorative Therapy

T. C. Patel

Dental Implant
and Restorative Surgeon

Dental Implant and Restorative Therapy

Richard Hems

Specialist Endodontist Root Canal Dentist

Dental Implant and Restorative Therapy

Nadir Khan

Specialist Oral Surgeon
Dental Implant Dentist

Dental Implant and Restorative Therapy

Angela Nketia

Specialist Periodontist Treatment for Periodontal Disease (gum disease)

Treatments from CDRC

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Treatment for root canal is the only means of saving a tooth in which the nerves and blood vessels within the tooth have been damaged or have died.

What are Dental Implants?

The dental implant process involves replacing one or more missing teeth with new, ‘screw in teeth’ that look and feel like your own.

What is Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery is when the next course of treatment is best carried out by a specialist oral surgeon. Procedures include wisdom teeth removal and apicectomy.

What is Periodontal Disease?

A periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is one that affects the gums and/or the bone that supports the teeth.

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